Technical Papers

The following 21 papers were selected for presentation at the TOOLS Pacific 2002 conference by an international
program committee. The total number of submitted papers was 36.

Feb. 19, Tuesday am
1-Modelling Design Pattern Modelling and Instantiation using DPML David Mapelsden
John Hosking
John Grundy
U of Auckland, NZ
Reveal -- A Tool to Reverse Engineer Class Diagrams Sarah Matzko
Peter Clarke
Tanton Gibbs
Brian Malloy
James Power
Clemson U, USA

National U of Ireland
Specifying and Implementing the Operational Use of Constraints in Object-Oriented Applications Bart Verheecke
Ragnhild Van Der Straeten
Vrieje U, Belgium
2-Languages Support for Subtyping and Code Re-use in Timor J Leslie Keedy
G Menger
C Heinlein
U of Ulm, Germany
Lisaac: the power of simplicity at work for operating system Benoît Sonntag
Dominique Colnet
LORIA, France
AspectC++: Separation of Concerns in Deeply Embedded Systems Olaf Spinczyk
Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat
Andreas Gal
U of Magdeburg, Germany

UCIrvine, USA

Feb. 19, Tuesday pm
3-Distribution Opsis --- A Distributed Object Architecture Based on Bracket Capabilities Mark Evered U of New England, Australia
MUSA-Shadow: Concepts, Implementation, and Sample Applications A Location-Based Service Supporting Multiple Devices Sebastian Fischmeister
Guido Menkhaus
Wolfgang Pree
Constance U, Germany

Distributed Component Architecture for Scientific Applications Roxana Diaconescu Norwegian U of Science & Technology, Norway
4-Experience Development of an Electronic Commerce Portal System using a Specifi Software Process Volker Gruhn
Mocker Schope
Lothar Schöpe
U Dortmund, Germany
adesso AG, Germany
Informatik Centrum Dortmund, Germany
Sokoban: A System Object Case Study Robert Biddle
James Noble
Ewan Tempero
Victoria U of Wellington, NZ

Feb. 20, Wednesday am
5-Middleware DVB-MHP/JavaTV Data Transport Mechanisms John Jones Sun, Australia
Designing a Test Suite for Empirically-based Middleware Performance Prediction Jenny Liu
Ian Gorton
Anna Liu
Ning Jiang
Shiping Chen
U of Sydney, Australia
CSIRO, Australia

6-Databases ODMG Extension of Composite Objects in OODBMS: A Proposal Xiaoyan Lu
Wenny Rahayu
David Tanier
La Trobe U, Australia

Monash U, Australia
Aggregation Query Model for OODBMS Wenny Rahayu
David Tanier
Xiaoyan Lu
La Trobe U, Australia
Monash U, Australia
La Trobe U, Australia

Feb. 20, Wednesday pm
7-Components Building Trust in Third-party Components using Component Wrappers in the .NET Frameworks Christine Mingins
Chee Yeen Chan
Monash U, Australia
A Tool for Component Based Design of Embedded Software David Urting
Stefan Van Baelen
Tom Holvoet
Peter Rigole
Yves Vandewoude
Yolande Berbers
KULeuven, Belgium

A Component-Based Application Framework for Manufactruing Execution Systems in C# and .NET Reinhard Fuericht
Herbert Praehofer
Thomas Hofinger
Josef Altmann
Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria
Johannes Kepler U, Austria
Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria
8-Design Symmetry in Class and Type Hierarchy Liping Zhao
James O. Coplien
Dynamic Hierarchical Undo Facility in a Fine-Grained Component Environment Hironori Washizaki
Yoshiaki Fukazawa
Waseda U, Japan
Reflections on CRC Cards and OO Design Robert Biddle
James Noble
Ewan Tempero
Victoria U of Wellington, NZ

The proceedings of the conferece is published in Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology, Volume 10, by Australian Computer Society.

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