Agenda Detailed Track Sessions

TT04 - E-Commerce Systems: Architecture, Infrastructure, Model, and Development Methodology
Mini Track Co-Chairs

Keng Siau
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Akhilesh Bajaj
Carnegie Mellon University
FM1 Session 1 Room

Session Chair: John D. Wells

System Response Time and User Satisfaction: An Experimental Study of Browser-based Applications
John Hoxmeier: Colorado State University
Chris DiCesare:
WaterPik Technologies

Toward a Knowledge Acquisition Framework for Web Site Design
Xiang Fang: University of Kentucky
C.W. Holsapple:
University of Kentucky

Towards Modeling of DataWeb Application -- A Requirement's Perspective
Werner Retschitzegger: University of Linz
Wieland Schwinger:
Software Competence Center Hagenberg



FM2 Session 2  

Session Chair: Dorothy M. Fisher

Realizing An Integrated Electronic Commerce Portal System
Matthias Book: WebService Haltern
Volker Gruhn :
Dortmund University
Lothar Sch÷pe:
ICD e.V., Dortmund

BizTalk: Microsoft's Business-to-Business E-Commerce Strategy
Dorothy Fisher: California State University, Dominguez Hills
Wang-chan Wong:
California State University, Dominguez Hills

The Use of Reputation Mechanisms in Electronic Commerce: An Empirical Investigation
Ross Malaga: University of Maryland, Baltimore
Niya Werts:
University of Maryland, Baltimore


SM1 Session 3 Room

Session Chair: Anne Banks Pidduck

Supporting Market Transaction Through XML Contracting Containers
Markus Greunz: University of St. Gallen
Markus Bernd Schopp:
University of St. Gallen
Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva:
University of St. Gallen

Requirements for eBusiness Computing
Antonis Stylianou: University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Walter L. Turner:
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

An Empirical Evaluation of the Factors Affecting Trust in Web Banking Systems
Anil D. Kini: Texas A&M University
Joobin Choobineh:
Texas A&M University



SM2 Session 4  

Session Chair: Chris Zoonky Lee

User-centred Navigation Re-Design for Web-based Information Systems
Michael Hahsler: Vienna University
Simon Bernd:
Vienna University

Enhancing ERP Architectures For Business Netowrking: Case of Deutsche Telecom AG
Roland Klueber: University of St. Gallen
Rainer Alt:
University of St. Gallen

BS7799: A Suitable Model for Information Security Management
Li Haiwen: Southampton Institute, UK
Graham King:
Southampton Institute, UK
Margaret Ross:
Southampton Institute, UK
Geoff Staples:
Southampton Institute, UK

E-Commerce Systems: Architectiure, Infrastructure, Model and Development Methodology
Akhilesh Bajaj: Carnegie Mellon University
Keng Siau:
University of Nebraska, Lincoln


SA1 Session 5 Room

Session Chair: Wang-Chan Wong

A Meeting Infrastructure to Support E-Commerce
aamar Zakaria: Defence Research Establishment
Ahmed-Reda Berrah:
Philadelphia University

Information Requirements Determination for Electronic Retailing: A Consumer-based Perspective
Linda Webb: Texas Tech University

CAJ-Chipcard Controlled Accounting System Jena
Wolfram Amme: Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Heike Hotzel:
Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Wilhelm Rossak:
Friedrich Schiller University Jena
RenÚ Stolle:
Friedrich Schiller University Jena

A Comparative Analysis of eCommerce Governance Mechanisms
Manish Agrawal: State University of New York at Buffalo
Rajiv Kishore: State University of New York at Buffalo
State University of New York at Buffalo



SA2 Session 6  

Session Chair: Rajiv Kishore

WIN-EC: An Electronic Commerce Model for Small Business
Anne Pidduck: University of Waterloo
Quang Ngoc Tran:
University of Waterloo

eService: An Integrated Framework and Technology Overview
Edwin Elrod: Logical Design Solutions
Vipul Gupta:
Saint Joseph's University
Terry Quain:
The Vanguard Group

The Subsidy and Social Welfare Implications of E-Commerce Sales Tax
Shana Dardan: Univeristy of North Carolina, Charlotte
Antonis C. Stylianou:
Univeristy of North Carolina, Charlotte

A Complexity-Based Taxonomy of Systems Development Methodologies
Peter Meso: Kent State University
Gregory Madey:
University of Notre Dame


SA3 Session 7  

Session Chair: Babita Gupta

A Flexible Membership/Subscription Handling System in An E-Commerce Environment
Charalampos Farmakis: Univeristy of Athens
Dimitrios Stamoulis:
Univeristy of Athens
Dracoulis Martakos:
Univeristy of Athens

Conceptualizing Architectures for E-Business Systems
G. Shankaranarayan:
Boston University
P.R. Balasubramanian:
Boston University
Chen Kang:
Boston University

Systems Analysis and Design for eBusiness: Implications for Research
John Wells: Washington University

An Overview of Commercial WebSite Development Issues
Lakshmi Iyer: University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Babita Gupta:
California Sate University Monterey Bay
Abbas Foroughi:
University of Southern Indiana